About Us

Global supplier

Gonmisol was born in 1963 so we have been for 60 years in the distribution of ingredients for the food industry, food and dietary supplements, sports nutrition, cosmetics and veterinary. As a global supplier we supply products to more than 50 countries worldwide.Sinde 2017, Gonmisol is part of the SUANFARMA group.

We have one of the largest stocks in Europe of Amino Acids, Vitamins, Enzymes, Nutraceuticals and Botanical Extracts. Gonmisol is one of the largest ingredient distributors for the dietary, sports nutrition and food supplement manufacturing industry in Europe.


Products by sectors

We provide nutritional ingredients to the Health & Wellness, Sports Nutrition, Food & Beverage and Cosmetics sectors.

GONMISOL provides the highest quality nutritional ingredients under rigorous standards of safety and efficacy.
GONMISOL supplies raw materials for animal feeds and ingredients for veterinary supplements. Most manufactured under GMP.
GONMISOL offers a wide range of ingredients suitable for sports nutrition to provide all the solutions needed for dairy sourcing.
GONMISOL markets functional food ingredients for the food industry which can help us gain some nutrients back.
GONMISOL supplies ingredients for the manufacture of cosmetics, beauty, and body care. We have a wide range of natural ingredients.
Natural certified organic vitamins and minerals with co-nutrients and co-factors extract from organic herbs, fruits and vegetables.



For Gonmisol quality always comes first. We offer ingredients from the most prestigious factories around the world. Most of our products comply with ISO, KOSHER, HALAL certification.
Gonmisol is an ISO 9001-2015 registered company by Bureau Veritas.